An introduction to cinnamon oil factory

 Choosing and working with a suitable cinnamon oil factory is crucial if your business wishes to resell this valuable product. 

Defining cinnamon oil factory 

A cinnamon oil factory is a place with the necessary equipment and workforce to be capable of distilling essential oil from different parts of the cinnamon tree. The raw materials to produce cinnamon oil are usually cinnamon roots, branches, leaves, and barks. The final product will later be sold to retailers and wholesalers.


Soil and climate

Cinnamon oil factory is primarily located in Asian countries, such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. These regions have large cinnamon growing areas to provide fresh raw materials in large volumes to manufacturing lines. This connection helps ensure the quality of the final product.

The materials used for producing cinnamon oil are cinnamon bark, leaves, and branches with a life span of 8 years or above. These parts must have a standard humidity of under 20% and have been incubated for 1.5 to 2 months before being processed. 

The product qualities of the cinnamon oil factory

Definition of cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is a volatile liquid with a typical spicy cinnamon aroma and a reddish-brown color. Its main composition is aldehyde cinnamic – also called cinnamon aldehyde. This chemical compound gives cinnamon oil its unique scent and flavor. 

The steps of manufacturing in a cinnamon oil factory 

  • Step 1: Grinding cinnamon barks, branches, leaves, and roots to smaller pieces 5-10 cm in size
  • Step 2: Pouring materials into the distilling machine
  • Step 3: Adding water or NaCl 20%
  • Step 4: Heating/Distilling
  • Step 5: Filtering the oil to remove any foreign matters
  • Step 6: Letting the oil cool and distill it for another 6 hours
  • Step 7: Putting the essential oil through a separating machine
  • Step 8: Packing the cinnamon oil in suitable containers 

Packaging in a cinnamon oil factory

Cinnamon oil can be poured into a dark glass jar, or a colored plastic drum or can.

The uses of cinnamon oil from a cinnamon oil factory

This product can be used as a method of aromatherapy to enhance mood and reduce anxiety and depression. It is also prevalent in producing cosmetics, soaps, and other beauty products. Gargling with cinnamon oil is helpful in improving oral health and preventing tooth decay. 

Finding your ideal cinnamon oil factory

To avoid scammers and ensure smooth cooperation, it is important that you know where and how to look for a good cinnamon oil factory.

Platforms to find cinnamon oil factory

You can search for names and information about cinnamon oil factories on Google, online and offline yellow pages, e-commerce websites, social media sites, and trade fairs. You can also come to government offices and intermediary companies. 

Signs of a reliable cinnamon oil factory

A trustworthy cinnamon oil supplier will have the following traits

  • A unique and clear website
  • Transparent and legit business information 
  • Having its own cinnamon growing areas
  • Willing to send samples to prove its product quality
  • Showing export and import certificates and business registration
  • Clear product portfolio
  • Having prestigious partners 

Signs of a scam cinnamon oil factory

If a cinnamon oil factory has the following characteristics, you should be cautious as it might be a scammer:

  • A poorly designed website or a website that copies from another factory or business
  • Offering discounts that are too good to be true and too low a price
  • Contact information that cannot be reached 
  • Urging clients to make payments quickly without discussing carefully the products and other contract terms.

Top 3 highly-recommended cinnamon oil factory

The 3 prestigious cinnamon factory are trustworthy choices for you and your business:

K-Agriculture (Vietnam)

K-Agriculture is the largest and best-known cinnamon oil factory in Vietnam. It has considerable experience in the field and its cinnamon oil is highly regarded by customers from around the world. It has been exporting cinnamon and other products to the EU, the US, Africa, India, and the Middle East too. 


K-Agriculture office

Lak Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

Lak Cinnamon is a leader in producing and wholesaling Ceylon cinnamon oil in Sri Lanka.


This is another well-known Vietnamese cinnamon oil factory. Founded in 2012, the missions of Sunrise ins Group are exporting cinnamon products to many countries and has a sophisticated distribution system in Vietnam too.