Take a look at raw virgin hair vendors worldwide

Raw virgin hair vendors are popular destinations for premium hair. However, there are many things about this hair supplier you may not know about. In this article, we will take a close look at raw virgin hair vendors worldwide to find out the secrets of their business.

Overview of raw virgin hair vendors

Raw virgin hair vendors are great options when it comes to buying raw virgin hair with top-notch quality. There are two types of raw virgin hair vendors: hair factory and commercial company

Hair factories

  • Hair factories, as the name suggests, are raw virgin hair vendors that manufacture and process hair products in-house. They source the raw hair from donors, typically in countries where the raw materials are abundant. They then clean, bundle, and weave the hair into extensions, wigs, or other hair products that are sold directly to consumers or to commercial companies.
  • Since hair factories control their own production and supply chain, they have more control over the quality of the hair and can offer better prices. However, not all hair factories operate ethically or sustainably, so it’s important to research the company before buying from them.

Commercial companies

  • Commercial companies are businesses that sell hair products but don’t manufacture them. They typically source their products from multiple suppliers or hair factories.
  • Commercial companies offer a wider range of products and suppliers and may have a better selection of hair types, textures, and lengths. However, they don’t have as much control over the quality of their products as hair factories, and prices may be higher due to markup.

Hair factory and commercial company are two types of raw virgin hair vendors. If you want to buy hair for personal use, a commercial company is a good way to go but if you want to start a business, or buy hair in bulk, a hair factory is a great choice.


There are two types of raw virgin vendors.

Raw virgin hair vendors around the globe

Raw virgin hair vendors are centrally distributed in locations where the raw materials are abundant like Vietnam, China, and India.

Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendors

Vietnam is one among many countries that have become popular for producing raw virgin hair products. Here’s some information about Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendors:

  • Production scale: Vietnam has a thriving hair industry, with many hair factories of different sizes. Some are small to medium-sized businesses, while others are larger manufacturers with higher production capacities. There is also a growing number of commercial companies that sell Vietnamese hair products.
  • Hair origin: Vietnamese hair is typically sourced from donors in rural areas of the country, where it’s common for women to grow their hair long and untreated. The hair is gathered by hair collectors who visit villages and buy hair from donors directly. Vietnamese hair is known for being thick, straight, durable, and has a natural shine.
  • Hair quality: Usually Vietnamese raw virgin hair vendors offer unprocessed, pure, and high-quality hair that is completely virgin and untreated. The hair still has its natural characteristics, making it strong, durable, versatile, and long-lasting.
  • Price: The price offered by hair factories in Vietnam can vary depending on the quality and vendor. Hair factories and commercial companies may have different price points, with hair factories generally offering lower prices due to their direct control over production. Higher-quality hair products may cost more, but it’s important to remember that quality is key when it comes to hair extensions or wigs.

Raw virgin hair vendors in Vietnam are widely known for the top-notch hair items with affordable prices they offer

Raw virgin hair vendors in China

Many customers choose to buy hair from raw virgin hair vendors in China for the wide selection of products they offer.

  • Production scale: China has a large and competitive hair industry, with many hair factories of magnificent sizes with modern equipment and skilled laborers, which can manufacture and produce a wide selection of hair products.
  • Hair origin: Chinese hair is typically collected from other sources as there is no hair supply in China. Most of the raw materials are imported from India in the form of hair trash which is of bad quality. There have been some quality controversies in the past, such as hair being mixed with synthetic fibers or lower-grade hair. However, there are many Chinese hair vendors that offer higher-quality hair that is pure and completely untreated. It’s important to research the vendor and read reviews before making a purchase.
  • Price: Typically, raw virgin hair vendors in China offer good prices as they obtain hair from cheap material sources. There are also some suppliers that provide premium hair items with significantly higher prices.

Chinese raw virgin hair vendors offer a wide range of hair products thanks to cutting-edge technology and skilled labor, however, there are some quality issues that you may want to take into consideration.

Raw virgin hair vendors in India

Indian raw virgin hair vendors offer the cheapest price on the market. Here are what you should know about them:

  • Production scale: While there are some large hair factories in India, the majority of the production is done by small or medium-sized businesses. Most of Indian raw virgin hair vendors operate on a relatively small scale with obsolete equipment and most work is done manually.
  • Hair origin: Indian raw virgin hair is typically sourced from two main sources – hairball or temple hair. Hairballs refer to hair that is collected from hairbrushes, salons or even in water pipelines. On the other hand, temple hair is hair that is donated by people as a religious offering to temples in India.
  • Quality: The quality of Indian raw virgin hair can vary depending on the source. Temple hair which is strong, thick, dry, and curly is considered the better quality hair, while hairballs are weak, fragile, and prone to breakage.
  • Price: Indian raw virgin hair is generally cheaper than hair from other countries thanks to the abundance of raw materials. However, the price can still vary depending on the quality and the vendor. Temple hair is the more expensive type of Indian hair, while hairballs can be significantly cheaper. It’s important to remember that cheaper hair products may not always be the best value, so it’s essential to balance quality and price when making a purchase.

If you want to buy hair at a cheap price, Indian raw virgin hair vendors can be great choices.


Indian raw virgin hair vendors offer the cheapest price.

Tips to choose reliable raw virgin hair vendors

It is crucial to have trustworthy wholesale hair suppliers. Here are some recommendations for selecting trustworthy wholesale hair vendors.

  • Look for ratings and recommendations: Looking through reviews and testimonies from previous customers is a fine way to figure out if a wholesale hair seller is reputable. To find out what people are saying about their goods and services, visit their website or social media profiles. The likelihood that they are a reliable source increases if the vast majority of evaluations are favorable.
  • Request samples: Before placing a significant order, request product samples from your prospective provider. In this manner, you can examine their wigs or hair extensions before making a significant buy. If they decline to deliver you samples, it can be a warning sign that they don’t have faith in the level of quality of their offerings.
  • Consider the return policy: Regardless of how trustworthy raw virgin hair vendors are, there may still be occasions when you get a product that falls short of your expectations. Read their refund or exchange policy carefully before placing an order. A trustworthy vendor should have a fair return policy that enables you to send back broken or defective goods.
  • Think about their costs: Even though it shouldn’t be the only aspect you take into account when selecting a wholesale hair supplier, price is still crucial. To be sure that you’re getting a good deal, compare prices from other providers. Don’t, however, compromise quality for a reduced cost. Keep in mind that low-cost products frequently have poor quality.

In conclusion, it takes time and effort to select trustworthy raw virgin hair vendors. Using these pointers, you will be able to locate a reliable vendor who can consistently deliver high-quality hair items to you.

Top raw virgin hair vendors around the world

It can be daunting to find good raw virgin hair vendors with so many choices out there. Here is a list of some of the best hair suppliers for your consideration.

Vin Hair Vendor- the best raw virgin hair vendors in Vietnam

If you want to buy high-quality hair in bulk, look for raw virgin hair vendors in Vietnam, with Vin Hair Vendor being the top choice:

  • Products: Clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, and hair weft bundles with closures and frontals are among Vin Hair Vendor’s main offerings. Customers can choose from a variety of lengths (up to 38″), colors, and textures. Customers are totally free to tell Vin Hair what color or texture they want, and Vin Hair will make custom orders.
  • Price: The price of wholesale raw hair of Vin Hair is competitive, wholesale price of raw hair is from $88 per kg, which is a very reasonable price.
  • Policy: They permit exchanges and returns for any defective items.

Thanks to Vin Hair Vendor, buying top-notch raw virgin hair products is super quick and easy.

Ted Hair is among the good Chinese raw virgin hair vendors

Chinese raw virgin hair vendor Ted Hair is known for creating wigs and hair extensions of the highest caliber.

  • They have a reputation for providing exceptional customer service, and they use cutting-edge equipment and technology to guarantee precision as well as uniformity in their finished goods.
  • The quick turnaround time for their items, with the majority of orders being dispatched out within 24 hours, is one benefit of TedHair

Ted Hair is a famous raw virgin hair vendor. if you want to buy Chinese hair, don’t hesitate to contact them.

SGI Hair is among the best Indian raw virgin hair vendors

One of the well-known Indian raw virgin hair vendors is SGI Hair. They offer a good selection of raw virgin hair with an attractive rewards program.

  • Virgin Indian hair, Remy hair, and raw hair are just a few of the many various hair textures and hues they provide.
  • Their goods are highly regarded for their superior quality and dependability, making salons and other businesses favor them.
  • SGi Hair Company’s rewards program, which gives points for purchases that can be exchanged for savings on subsequent orders, is its special feature.

If you want to buy Indian hair, you can contact SGI Hair to negotiate for the best deals to match. your needs.

Hair vendors in Vietnam are the best places to go if you are looking for high quality and authentic raw virgin hair. To know more about these vendors and the top list in the hair market, read this blog https://vinhairvendor.com/vietnamese-hair-vendors-top-the-best-places-to-buy-hair-products/