Top 3 most reputable hair vendors in Asia

The market for hair extensions is growing and many investors are reaping profits from the hair industry. In this article, we will learn about hair vendors in Asia region such as Vietnam, China and India. Hopefully, all of the information below will help you choose the right hair vendor for your business.

Top 3 most reputable hair vendors in Asia: Vietnamese hair vendor

Vietnam is proud to be a leading hair vendor in the world in terms of both high quality and reasonable price. Below we will learn about the characteristics of Vietnamese hair, grades and prices of Vietnamese hair.

Vietnamese hair vendor: Characteristics of Vietnamese hair

To understand wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam, we must first understand the characteristics of the product.

  • Vietnamese hair is collected by Vietnamese hair vendors from 18-35 year old women living in high mountain areas.
  • The quality of Vietnamese hair in this area is very good thanks to the mild climate, healthy diet and good care.
  • Vietnamese hair has strong, black and smooth characteristics because it is less exposed to the sun.
  • Most Vietnamese hair vendors provide extensions made from raw, virgin or remy human hair.

Vietnamese hair vendor: Grades of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair vendors divide hair extensions into 3 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. Each grade will give different products in terms of quality and uniformity in hair length. In which, super double drawn hair has the highest uniformity up to 70-90%.

Vietnamese hair vendor: Price of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is not only of high quality but also has a durability of about 2-10 years if well cared for. Therefore, the price of Vietnamese hair ranges from 8.6 USD/bundle.

Top 3 most reputable hair vendors in Asia: Indian hair vendor

Indian hair vendors are well-known for giving the cheapest hair products in the market. However, quality and price often go hand in hand. Below, we find out the features, prices and some customer reviews about Indian hair vendors.

Indian hair vendor: Characteristics of Indian hair

With the cheapest prices in the hair market, Indian hair vendors bring to customers the following products:

  • Indian hair is purchased from people who come to pray at temples, or customers at salons or from households.
  • Indian hair extensions have a natural, coarse black color and are often mixed with Cambodian and many other hair sources.
  • Indian hair products are also quite diverse such as weft hair extensions, gray hair extensions, naturally curly, wavy hair extensions.

Indian hair vendor: Price of Indian hair

Due to the poor supply and quality of hair, the durability of Indian hair is not high, only about 1-2 years. Therefore, the price of Indian hair is also very cheap, from only 6.9 USD/bundle.

Indian hair vendor: Customer review

Indian hair vendors offer products that cater to mid-range customers with cheap and decent quality products. Most of the customers responded that the hair price is cheap, which is suitable for the quality of the hair.

Top 3 most reputable hair vendors in Asia: Chinese hair vendor

China hair vendors have more than 10 years’ experience in the hair business. They have professional hair treatment machines and techniques, so Chinese hair products often have very beautiful designs.

Chinese hair vendor: Characteristics of Chinese hair

To judge a hair extension, we cannot just look at its external beauty. So, here are a few characteristics of Chinese hair that you need to know.

  • Chinese hair vendors often buy hair directly from China or import Indian hair and reprocess it.
  • Chinese hair is usually thin, shiny, and dry
  • Due to the chemical treatment process, Chinese hair is only beautiful at first, then it will be broken and tangled.

Chinese hair vendor: Price of Chinese hair

The durability of Chinese hair is from 1-5 years because it is affected by the chemical treatment process. Therefore, the price of Chinese hair is only about 7.9 USD/bundle and is always available in stock.

3. Chinese hair vendor: Customer review

Chinese hair is often mixed from many types of hair, so the quality is not high. There are quite a few customers complaining about the durability of Chinese hair. However, given the low prices, they couldn’t ask for more from Chinese hair suppliers.