Split cinnamon: Much more than the tiny shape

Split cinnamon appears in almost every market in the world. It is predicted to become one of the top valuable export products all over the world.


  • Split cinnamon: The overview 


Spit cinnamon is one of the most popular cinnamon product varieties. Carrying itself various usages in healthcare and cooking, it easily gains customers’ satisfaction and traders’ concerns. 


Split cinnamon shape

1.1 Processing procedure

After being cleaned, the cinnamon bark is cut into equal splits, which are then dried, removed impurities and finally put into carton packages.


1.2 Standards of high-quality split cinnamon

There are some main values of split cinnamon:

  • Moisture: 12%
  • Essential oil: 1.5-4% 
  • Length: 30-45cm
  • Thickness: <1.5mm
  •  Skin: have an outer skin
  • Price: $4/kg

Split cinnamon details

This product has a low level of essential oil which leads to a lower average price compared to some other cinnamon products


  • Benefits of split cinnamon


2.1 Healthcare: In Chinese medicine, it is used to cure diabetes, colds and give the body balanced energies. Split cinnamon is also beneficial for ones suffering from high sugar blood. 

2.2 Cooking: It is often used with chicken and other herbs to create a unique, warm but strong taste to dishes.


  • Is split cinnamon better than cinnamon powder?


This is a common question of cinnamon buyers because their function in both healthcare and cooking is similar. However, there is a slight difference: the value of essential oil in cinnamon powder is a bit more than the split type. However, in cooking, people prefer split cinnamon as it looks better on a dish.


  • 3 largest split cinnamon suppliers


There are thousands of split cinnamon suppliers in the market, but it is not easy to find a good one. The list below will give you 3 trustworthy names in trading split cinnamon.

4.1 The LakCinnamon Company

Always put product quality above everything, the company has received buyers’ firm trust through years

4.2 K-Agriculture

Considered as one of the most well-known exporting cinnamon products in Vietnam – the largest cinnamon exporter in 2019. K-Agriculture is confident in giving customers not only the best split cinnamon in the market but also the most professional working ways.