Special things around cinnamon stick

Stick cinnamon has been a sought-after type of spice in the world for many years due to its incredible benefits to health and irreplaceable flavor in dishes.

A quick view about cinnamon stick

Cinnamon stick variety is made from cinnamon bark as the only raw material. Cinnamon bark after being removed from the trees is cleaned and goes through a strict drying process until it reaches a particular level of dryness and rolled rate. 


Cinnamon stick

A uniform cinnamon stick needs to meet the requirements below:

  • Moisture: 12%
  • Essential oil: 2 – 4%
  • Length: 16 – 20 cm
  • No outer skin 

Typical types of cinnamon stick

In fact, there are lots of cinnamon stick breeds cultivated all over the world. However, just two of them are the most popular, which are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon stick

This type of cinnamon stick is almost exclusively grown in Sri Lanka. It is described to obtain an irreplaceable mild and earthy flavor, along with an aromatic smell. Ceylon stick cinnamon is mostly enjoyed in Mexico and European countries.

Cassia cinnamon stick

The Cassia one, in contrast, is cultivated in several Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. Original Vietnamese cinnamon sticks, as well as those countries, have a bit more pungent taste and spicy scent, which really intrigues Asians’ taste. The main markets of Cassia stick cinnamon are India, the Middle East, and several Asian countries. It is a compulsory spice in almost every kitchen there.

Cinnamon stick: Main exporters and importers

In terms of cinnamon sticks, the main exporter in Sri Lanka. The country is reported to produce a huge and major amount of stick cinnamon. According to OEC, Mexico is the biggest cinnamon stick importer from Sri Lanka, followed by the US and some European countries.

Recommendation of cinnamon stick producers

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