Should customers choose Tape/tip remy hair extension?

With the hair extension products on the existing hair extension market, customers can freely choose for themselves the best product, but after reading this article you will have to think about whether to choose tape/tip remy hair extension or not.

Overview about Tape/tip remy hair extension

The tape/tip remy hair extension hairstyle is a hairstyle that anyone who goes to the salon to do will also choose this hairstyle. But if you can do it yourself at home, it’s even more familiar because it’s extremely easy to use. More specifically, it is extremely easy to find on the market because the raw material is remy hair, which is widely available in the current hair extension market.

In an era where all activities become fast, the use of tape/tip remy hair extension is extremely suitable because customers simply need to put it on their hair to have long and thick hair. Moreover, the hairstyle made from remy hair is also extremely easy to style like straightening or curling.

Pros and cons of Tape/tip remy hair extension

The outstanding features and the bad things of this tape/tip remy hair extension type are of great interest to customers because they always want to receive the most specific information before buying any product.

Pros of Tape/tip remy hair extension

Let’s take a look at some of the good features of this tape/tip remy hair extension that makes it one of the top products in the hair extensions market today.

  • Certainly convenience is always the priority of all customers when buying this tape/tip remy hair extension product. With tape/tip remy hair extension, customers who love the natural even when using hair extensions will love how to use it to just stick it with a special sticker or clip it on the hair with very specialized pins. This style will be suitable for those who do not like the discomfort of hair extensions all day, you can completely use it on necessary occasions and removing the tape is also completely easy.
  • To talk about the price of this tape/tip remy hair extension product, there is no need to argue. Products made from remy hair are usually relatively cheap, ranging in price from medium to high, not quite as high as the price of virgin hair. Moreover, with such a price, any customer can use it, so tape/tip remy hair extension products are increasingly being spread to the world market.
  • And what do you think about the quality and beauty of the tape/tip remy hair extension at such an average price? The surprise for all customers who have not used tape/tip remy hair extension is that with the raw material of remy hair, it still completely retains the shine and strength of a standard coarse hair. It completely brings out the natural and beautiful feeling you desire. Moreover, with remy hair you can also turn the tape/tip remy hair extension from the original straight hair style to curly hair easily or you can turn it into many different colors.

Cons of Tape/tip remy hair extension

And here are indispensable points of this tape/tip remy hair extension product:

  • As mentioned above, this tape/tip remy hair extension product is very popular in the world market and any market has this hair extension product. It is also because of its popularity that many people have taken advantage of making fake products to sell and gain illicit profits. Many customers, when learning about the hair extension market, may encounter cases of buying fake products or tape/tip remy hair extensions made from synthetic hair fibers.
  • The second is that for this tape/tip remy hair extension product, you are completely easy to remove and reattach, but sometimes it also becomes a hindrance for many people when they cannot reattach the tape to their real hair or attach a deviation and cause the hair to become unnatural. The exposed hairline will make the user easily fall into awkward situations, so if you want to use tape/tip remy hair extension, you have to learn gradually to get used to it.
  • And the last difficult thing is probably having to take care of the tape/tip remy hair extension regularly if you want to use it for a long time. Any hair extension product requires great care. And with tape/tip remy hair extension, because it’s made from remy hair, its resistance to chemicals or heat cannot be as good as virgin hair, so it also needs to be taken care of if you don’t want your hair extensions to become frizzy and startling.

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Tape/tip remy hair extension in 5S hair factory

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