Natural straight hair extensions: The most popular hairstyle ever in the wholesale market

Natural straight hair extensions were undoubtedly popular a long time ago, before the hair extension market even existed.

Natural straight hair extensions are something that every customer appreciates because they are similar to actual hair but can be cared for more easily.


Natural straight hair extensions

Natural straight hair extensions: an overview

Natural straight hair extensions have been the most popular hair extensions in the world of hair extensions since their inception. Hairdressers simply combed the raw hair after it was collected and then glued it with specialist adhesive so that it could be joined to actual human hair when the new hair extension market developed. Natural straight hair extensions were popular at the time since raw materials were plentiful and people didn’t understand the effects of heat or chemicals on their hair.

Natural straight hair extensions will undoubtedly be the immediate option for individuals with thin or short hair who want to enhance their hair’s beauty. The hair extensions market has been growing stronger and stronger in the global market, thanks to the introduction of natural straight hair extensions.

Natural straight hair extensions have the following features

What are the traits that natural straight hair extensions bring that have allowed them to exist in the hair extension market for so long?

Natural straight hair extensions have a lot of advantages

The benefits of this natural straight hair extensions product are perhaps the brightest point:


Natural straight hair extensions have a lot of advantages

  • Because, as the name says, this product is virtually totally constructed while keeping the natural look of straight hair, natural straight hair extensions are formed from the highest grade raw hair materials. There are few sources of straight hair on the market today, but any hair extension market that wishes to create from curly raw materials, such as the African hair extensions market, will require a significant amount of human resources as well as a high production cost. As a result, natural straight hair extensions are always prioritized, and only the highest-quality raw materials are used.
  • Natural straight hair extensions come in a variety of quality and are used in a variety of ways. Because this is the go-to product for new hair extensions, natural straight hair extensions have a wide range of applications. These extensions are typically used to make your hair appear fuller, but if you don’t like the straight look, you can curl or style it manually using a styling tool.
  • In various hair extension marketplaces throughout the world, natural straight hair extensions are also highly popular. Natural straight hair extensions have never gone out of style, despite the fact that they were first introduced many years ago, and they can offer significant earnings to today’s hair extension markets. Hair dealers should not overlook this possibility because it saves them money while also providing a huge source of revenue.

Natural straight hair extensions have disadvantages

Let’s look at the downsides in addition to the benefits:


Natural straight hair extensions have disadvantages

  • When natural straight hair extensions like tape/tip remy hair extension products are always given priority in terms of using the best raw materials for manufacture, their price will rise as well. Many people still feel that the bigger the price, the better the quality, but not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on a hair extension that will only be used for a few months.
  • Furthermore, finding a high-quality natural straight hair extensions product on the market today is difficult. Because high-quality raw hair materials are becoming increasingly scarce, creating a natural hair extension product is nearly entirely dependent on that country’s hair extension market. As a result, a large amount of resources are required to produce this product.
  • The demand for these items is diminishing day by day due to the scarcity of natural high-quality straight hair extensions. Because if it’s rarer, the price will be much higher, making it unsuitable for a mid-range market like hair extensions.

Natural straight hair extensions are available at 5S Hair Factory

How can 5S Hair Factory claim to produce such high-quality natural hair extensions? It’s most likely due to the fact that the raw materials utilized to create 5S hair factory products are raw Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair is fully qualified to create natural straight hair products for sale in the market, with its smooth, black, lustrous, and strong hair. And, as a result, it’s astonishing that these high-quality items are sold at such a low cost, because 5S hair factory has an on-site factory and low-cost sourcing, so the products are also cheaper there than in many other marketplaces around the world.