Natural coffee beans and things to know

While many factors such as experience or natural conditions can affect the taste of the coffee beans, the process of natural coffee beans tends to have the most significant impacts.


  • Brief introduction of natural coffee beans


Natural coffee beans are considered coffee beans that go through the dry coffee processing procedure. This method brings about the most sensational and impressive taste of coffee, which is loved and consumed daily by many coffee drinkers around the world.


Natural coffee beans in bulk


  • History of natural coffee beans


Many said that the history of natural coffee beans dated back to the year 700 AD, when it was first planted in the forests of Ethiopia. These natural coffee beans were then brought to the North, made their way into many other countries such as Egypt, Persia, and Turkey and finally spread to the East and West of the world: Asia and Europe. After a long history of growing and distributing, natural coffee beans now can be found everywhere, even becoming a major part of many cultures in the world.

Natural coffee beans have nearly 200-year of experience with coffee in Vietnam. Vietnamese farmers first planted the coffee plants in 1857 in Son La, Dien Bien, and the Central Highlands, which means that these places are the first regions that produced natural coffee beans in Vietnam. Overcoming the post war struggles and the stagnant economic situation of Vietnam before 1987, coffee finally had its chance to shine as one of Vietnam’s most prominent exports during and after the period of the 1987 ‘Doi Moi’ economic reforms and the policy of open trading to other countries by the Vietnamese government.


  • Natural coffee beans have their own benefits


Natural coffee beans are renowned in many regions around the world for their advantages.


  • Simple, less costly process


The natural coffee beans processing method requires less electricity, water, and fewer equipment than any other processing method. This also produces less environmental pollution since no water is wasted. Specifically, throughout the dry process, the coffee cherries hold their beans and the outer layers will only be removed for farmers to harvest the beans when the whole cherries are completely dried. This process can take from 2 to 6 weeks. 

  • Fruity taste

With the natural coffee beans process, the coffee beans can absorb the sugar from the cherries, giving the final coffee products a fruity taste and heavier bodies than other coffee beans undergoing different types of processes.


  • Favorable conditions that produce high-quality coffee


With this less demanding method, even poor regions with lower levels of investment for coffee manufacturing can still produce high-quality coffee. Therefore, manufacturing natural coffee beans helps farmers gain profit and give them the motivation to sustain Vietnam’s coffee culture.


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