KHair Company: A well-structured flagship firm in hair business 

Thanks to the great demand for beauty products, the hair extensions business has become one of the most promising and beneficial fields of investment. However, the more potential this market becomes, the more competitive it will be. Particularly, when there are countless hair factories appearing in every corner around the world, it is harder to have a firm position in the rankings. KHair Company is recognized as a dominant hair extensions distributor in Asia and worldwide. A part of their secret leading to their achievement will be disclosed in this writing.

KHair Company is the “descendant” of a hair mediator. In the 1990s, the father of the CEO opened a small workplace to gather the raw hair of native women and then exported them to the hair factories in other countries like Thailand, China,… However, at that time, the consumption of beauty products, especially the hair extensions was little, and the scale of his work was narrow.

Four years after the beginning day of the business, his son- the CEO of KHair Company named Daniel finished his abroad studying and came back to Vietnam to inherit the company. At that time, not only was the life standard of the population enhanced, the worldwide connections were improved but the need for beauty products also showed a significant rise. Mr. Daniel decided to turn the business into KHair Company- being Vietnamese hair factory and a hair manufacturer. Right after moving into another path, the company quickly became a well-reputed hair distributor in the domestic domain. In 2002, KHair Company was recognized as one of the top 10 greatest hair factories with the modernist machinery.

There are four separated departments in KHair Company which are named: Supply Head, Marketing Head, R&D + Testing Head and Admins & Others.

  • Supply Head: This department takes responsibility for the running of products’ flow in KHair Company. It means that the Supply Head gathers and checks the hair material. After that, the KHair Company’s employees in this department will process the hair to make it into extension products. When there is a consumer ordering the human hair extension, the packaging and delivering process is also progressed by this head.
  • Marketing Head: This part of KHair Company is in charge of promoting the reputation of the factory. They take full advantage of the Internet by creating a youtube channel as well as building an amazing website. There are useful short videos posted on the channel of KHair Company to tell about the products and the factory while the official website daily provides valuable knowledge about hair care, hair tips and the direct order service. Marketing Head’s staff also take responsibility for customer service and always commit to provide the finest assistance 24/6.
  • R&D + Testing Head: The high- quality products are one of the most crucial factors that make KHair Company become a reliable hair extensions vendor and this department has the major role in maintaining the standard of the production. The R&D + Testing Head regularly has a check on the products after being processed to find out whether there are any issues happening. If something goes wrong, the experts from this department will work together to find the cause and solution. They will also provide the recommendations to improve the production of KHair Company.
  • Admins & Others: There are Accountant HR protection (AHP), Document Legal Banking (DLB) and Visa Booking for Customers (VBC) included in this department. This head of KHair Company is in charge of the co-operations, the recruitments and financial status of KHair Company.

All the departments work with great passion and the motto “Quality is King”

For 24 years, KHair Company has received the trust of thousands of consumers buying human hair bulk from a wide range of regions located in Africa, America and Europe. Moreover, the year 2012 is recognized as a milestone of the business journey when KHair officially became the win-win cooperator with the hair extensions vendors in Nigeria. Years after that, KHair Company expanded its business by having agencies in other countries like Thailand, USA, Canada…

The Youtube channel of KHair Company also reached more than 100 thousand subscribers and received the Silver Button. KHair Company literally becomes the flagship hair extensions distributor in Vietnam and Asia.

From a comprehensive viewpoint, there is no fixed or particular method to be successful in the hair business. However, in the situation of KHair Factory, thanks to the great CEO and the passionate staff along with the professional function of the factory, this brand has reached the top ranking position in their domestic market.

According to the feedback of former and present consumers of this hair firm, the products of KHair Company are always in wonderful condition and the prices are reasonable. Over all, the customer service is always ideal which follows the slogan “Quality is King” of KHair Company.