5S Hair Factory – the best wholesale hair extension unit in VietNam

5S Hair Factory is a Vietnamese company that specializes in manufacturing and providing hair extension products made entirely from human hair. If you’re looking for a way to break into the hair industry, 5S Hair Factory is the ideal place to start.

Is 5S Hair Factory a newcomer to the world of hair

5S Hair Factory was created in 1989 and focuses on the development and handling of wholesale large purchases to loyal customers or clients that went to Vietnam and purchased directly from our firm. However, in promoting Vietnamese hair businesses to the rest of the world, we’ve business platform on media channels so that anyone on the planet can acquire hair from 5S Hair Factory right away.


5S Hair Factory – CEO

The origin of the name “5S Hair Factory” is mysterious

The appealing meaning of 5s Hair Factory is:

  • “S” originally stood for Vietnam, a great place. Vietnam is a long patch of land that looks like a “S.” The beautiful S-line body, the softness of hair with S-line roughness… S also stands for female attractiveness.
  • The number “5” represents the five continents of the world: Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

5s was formed with the objective of providing elegance to all women throughout the world through hair, allowing them to shine in their own unique way. There is no such thing as a beauty ideal; you are only beautiful if you are confident in yourself.


5S Hair Factory with best quality

5S Hair Factory – the best place to get hair extensions in bulk

The reasons listed below will help you get the most realistic picture of the 5S hair factory and learn more about it.

  • 5S Hair Factory is a hair provider, which means we buy and make our own hair legally through a vast operation. Each month, 5S Hair Factory markets and sells roughly 2000 kg of hair to markets all over the world, including Ghana, Europe, America, England, Nigeria, South Africa, and others.
  • The lowest deal in the market is offered by 5S Hair Factory. We operate a separate factory that is controlled technically and properly, and the sales price is the best in Vietnam and extremely competitive in the worldwide market. Despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is a premium product due to its great quality, 5S Hair Factory strives to keep its costs low so that any customer can test the company’s products.

5S Hair Factory has come to many countries

  • 5S Hair Factory has been a well respected brand, as Top hair factoy in the world. 5S Hair has earned various certificates and awards from the Vietnamese government and major organizations in honor of the high quality of its products and the values it promotes in the community.
  • The 5S Hair Factory’s incredible performances. The opening of a 5S Hair office in the United States in 2018 was the company’s first step in bringing the 5S name to clients all around the world. In 2018, 5S also created a branch in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 5S Hair’s presence in the world’s two largest hair marketplaces is a tribute to the company’s quality. In 2021, 5S Hair was named the most well-known Vietnamese brand. This is a well-known award in Vietnam, given out year after year to honor reputable businesses that have excelled in both commercial and social consequences.

5S Hair Factory – the reliable unit

  • 5S Hair has a large selection of items. 5S has produced hair in a range of types, including straight and curly hair, as well as in a variety of formats, including weft hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip/tape hair extensions, and a variety of colors. Customers with thin, wavy African hair as well as Europeans with short hair hooks will be satisfied by 5S Hair.
  • The quality of the products at 5S Hair Factory is always a priority. To guarantee that customers receive the best possible service when ordering hair from 5S, we invest substantially in training a staff of experienced advisors who are available to answer clients’ questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers who purchase products from 5S Hair Factory are also covered by policies.
  • 5S Hair Factory has easy-to-understand payment and delivery policies. With decades of experience, 5S has its own shipment to major nations like Nigeria, resulting in exceptional shipping times and pricing. Clients can also choose the method of payment at 5S Hair Factory, which makes the transaction process easier.

5S Hair Factory – great customer care 24/7

You must have noticed 5S Hair Factory because of the excellent features we stated earlier. Allow us to be your guide.

In the hair industry, 5S Hair Factory has a goal and a vision

  • The 5s Hair Factory’s motto is “Shine with your unique style.” Each lady is gorgeous in her own way. Others favor forceful elegance, while others prefer sensual beauty… This, however, is a moot point. When you’re there, just let your light shine! There aren’t many beauty standards; you’re only beautiful if you’re confident!
  • Our hair has a beautiful sheen to it. As part of our goal to promote beauty to all women across the country, we are pleased to provide the greatest hair quality in a variety of colors and styles. 5S Hair Factory has all of the hairstyles you could possibly want. In the hair industry, your happiness and trustworthiness are our top priorities. Allow us to accompany you on your trip to the pinnacle of achievement in the splendor of adventure!

5S Hair Factory with wonderful mission and vision

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